CAST (Charge Analyzing System Titrator)

CAST (Charge Analyzing System Titrator)

CAST (Charge Analyzing System Titrator)


  • ◇ Coagulant dosage determination based on colloid coagulation theory.
  • ◇ Optimal dosing of coagulant depending on inflow water quality change.
  • ◇ Stable operation even though highly turbid raw water inflow
  • ◇ Optimal Flocculation, Membrane Pretreatment, T-P Removal and Polymer dosage control for a decanter
  • ◇ USA Agents    

          - Derek Kim, EST & ES, Inc.,

          - Steven Seymour: Saddleback Enviromental Equipment, Inc.,


  • ◇ Fast and real-time responses to fluctuating flow-rates and variable influent water qualities allows for chemical cost savings.

    - Avoiding over-dosing or under-dosing as well as determining the ideal dosage is in direct response to fluctuating flow-rates and variable influent water qualities.

    - Cost savings include O&M, chemical, and sludge disposal.

  • ◇ Maximizes the efficiency and the convenience for operators.

    - Fully automated system with easy maintenance.

    - Data logging to show real-time chemical dosage at a glance.

    - Automated control over chemical dosing to meet all effluent goals.

  • ◇ Robust design and construction for long-term operation and minimal maintenance.

    - Highly durable system that includes raw water sampling, piston/measuring cell, and self-cleaning analyzers.

    - Stable operating system that allows for the measurement of water high turbidity and sludge. (e.g., over 1,000 NTU and 30,000 mg/L of MLSS)

  • ◇ Self-recovery functions through self-diagnostic measurements allows for resolutions to technical issues.

    - 19 different alarms triggered by self-diagnostic measurements

    - The system will resume operation when all the technical issues are resolved and the triggered alarms are removed.

    - Optional text messaging to an operator to inform them when an alarm has been triggered.


  • ◇ Condition of Sample

    - Minimum sample volume : 10~18ml

    - Maximum Electric Conductivity of sample: 11 mS/cm

  • ◇ Titration system

    - Selectable end point measurement method